High quality fire suppression systems and servicing across the UK

Saunasafe the world’s first dedicated sauna fire suppression system.


The World’s First Dedicated Sauna Fire Suppression System The Saunasafe is the World’s first specific fire suppression system for Sauna’s, and has now achieved third party approval from the world renowned Danish Fire Laboratories (DFL) testing house in Svendborg….. along with an endorsement from the Global insurance giants, Zurich. The Saunasafe Low pressure water mist system, was tested under strict conditions and to a draft approval, which was independently verified and given the high … read more...


Detection Systems

The main aim of any protection strategy is fire prevention, but the addition of early warning detection offers comprehensive protection.
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Gaseous Fire Suppression

Advanced gas fire extinguishing systems that are not only safer for your staff and facility, but also save you money.
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Water Mist Systems

An alternative fire fighting solution for general applications such as hotels, office blocks and industrial premises.
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Restaurant Fire Suppression

The Ansul R102® Liquid Agent System continues to be the market leading protector of today’s kitchen equipment.
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Gas Interlocking

Comprehensive protection against Carbon Monoxide poisoning as well as a dedicated interface for fire suppression systems.
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Fire Extinguishers

Flamefast can supply the correct fire extinguisher equipment suitable for putting out the key classes of fires.
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Domestic Fire Suppression Systems

Our Kitchensafe system is quick and easy to install and compatible with all 4 and 6 ring kitchen ranges.
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Domestic & Residential Sprinkler Systems

Provide 24 hour protection by installing a sprinkler system that can stop a fire the second it breaks out.
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Fire Systems Service & Maintenance

Introducing the new Flamefast ETHOS Fire System Service – click here to watch the video, click here to read more

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